We LOVE Orchids! They’re perfect for sprucing up a space, and they also have excellent health benefits. We have several orchids in our office – each one is unique, adding color to our space! Taking care of orchids can be challenging, especially if you do not have the right products. Below are some of our favorite orchid tips:

Orchids are one of our favorite house (or office) plants because of their unique shape, and how easy they are to care for! We love Orchids because you hardly ever have to water them! All you have to do is find a bright spot out of direct sunlight and set them and forget about them!

Some of the awesome pros of Orchids are, air quality improvement, stress relief, and increased focus. Orchids take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen back out! Cool, right? 

Another important part of keeping your Orchids alive is fertilizer! This Miracle-Gro Ready-To-Use Spray is perfect for fertilizing your Orchids.  It only takes a few squirts on the leaves and roots about once a month to do the trick! 

Orchids like to have aerated roots, one way to make sure they get plenty of nutrients is by using Sun Bulb Orchid Bark! Orchid pots are also important in making sure there is plenty of drainage.

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