Thinking of Applying?
Be sure to check out what is available, review our policies, and read through our FAQ's first! Have a question about the process? Email us!

Residential Lease Application

For Apartment and Home Rentals

Commercial Lease Application

For Commercial Properties Only

We do require an application from all prospective tenants. If your application is more than sixty (60) days old, you will need to resubmit your application to ensure all your information is up to date. (Note: The sixty day period begins on the date of the initial submission of the application)

There is a $30.00 per person application fee. This fee is payable online or in person at our office during business hours. The application fee is collected to complete the background check. The application fee is non-refundable.

  • Submitted Application Fee
  • Completed Application
  • Current Photo ID
  • Monthly household income should exceed three times the rent
  • Positive references from all previous landlords for the previous five years
  • No evictions or unpaid judgments from previous landlords
  • Background check for all individuals over age 18
  • Copies of your three most recent pay stubs
  • Demonstrate financial responsibility

We will contact you within 3-5 business days to obtain your ID and paystubs! 

A separate rental application must be completed, dated, and signed by each applicant over the age of 18. All co-applicants must complete a separate application. Each application submitted must be accompanied by a separate application fee to be considered for approval.

The grounds for which a rental application may be denied include:

-Failure to provide accurate or complete information on application form

-Submission of an incomplete application

-Demonstration of financial irresponsibility

-Poor rental history (can include non-payment of rent, prior evictions, property damage, interference with business operations)

A guarantor may be accepted for those failing to satisfy the minimum financial requirements. All guarantors must submit a separate application and provide copies of supporting documentation. Guarantors may be held responsible for all lease obligations, including rent and other costs, as well as damages. 

To the extent that it does not endanger persons or property of others, we will consider the nature, severity, and recency of criminal conduct, and will take into consideration all positive efforts made since last conviction.

**Note: Documentation is required to process your application. Documentation is required prior to showing available units. We do business in accordance with the Fair Housing Act. Should your application be denied, you will be notified via US Mail with the address information listed on the application.