Contract for Deed
We understand that even great people have financial circumstances preventing them from receiving a traditional home loan. Wellco, LLC specializes in finding forever homes for these great people. Our Contract for Deed process is flexible and individualized to meet the needs of each of our customers.

     We encourage each buyer to first speak with lenders about obtaining a traditional mortgage. We invite each customer to speak with us about the different options that may be available. We can personally connect you to one of our many local contacts.

     If the buyer is not able to receive funding from a traditional lender, we can then discuss the Contract for Deed options available. To get started, complete the Contract for Deed. 

Contract for Deed (CFD) is just like buying a house, except it is privately financed through us! 

If you’re interested, you will undergo our application process. Once approved, we will set up an appointment for you to discuss financing options.

To get started you will need to complete our application. Once approved we will set up a meeting to discuss properties and financing options. The process goes much faster if you already have a property in mind. 

Yes, typically 10% is required. 

Options will be discussed during financing appointments. Payments generally include taxes and insurance as well.