We know how hard it can be to stay warm in the winter! These are some of our favorite products to keep us warm, safe, and this year especially, healthy through the cold! Use the links to shop below! 

Another way to stay cozy is draft stopping tape! This works just like weatherstripping, but much easier to install. This product comes in 5 different colors to blend right in with your door. Check it out! 

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Having trouble with heating? These Honeywell heaters are perfect for you! They emit heat all the way around, and have a thermostat that shuts off once it reaches your set temperature! These heaters are energy efficient, and great to have around incase of an emergency! 

Before winter hits don’t forget to clean your HVAC filters! Dirty filters can make it harder for the heat to get through, and it lowers energy efficiency. This product makes it super easy to keep allergens down, and the heat up! 

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