Founded by Ryan T. Wellmaker in 2016, Wellco, LLC is an up and coming property investment company in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

Wellco, LLC is best known for offering clean, updated, and affordable apartments and rental homes in Southern Illinois and the Chicago area. We specialize in buying worn down properties to completely renovate and update. Wellco, LLC has a team of experts determined to help you find the perfect home!

In addition to our wide selection of rental homes and apartments, Wellco, LLC has a team dedicated to assisting individuals purchase their home. Wellco, LLC takes pride in our ability to find the perfect forever home for ALL of our customers. Our Contract for Deed program allows us to work individually with each of our clients to find the home that best fits their lifestyle and budget. We offer alternative solutions to the conventional home loan.

At Wellco, LLC our number one goal is provide a more than satisfactory experience to each of our tenants, whether they choose to rent or buy. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring a positive experience throughout the entire process—from acquisition to closing. We work closely with landlords and realtors in the area and are committed to connecting clients to the opportunities that best fit their needs.

Whether you are a first-time renter, or soon to be home owner, Wellco, LLC is always here to help! Wellco, LLC is proud to be a reputable company, known for excellent service and dedication to their tenants!