17458 E. IL. Highway 15, Mt. Vernon, IL, 62864

     Wellco, LLC has a team dedicated to acquiring single family homes in need of rehab and renovation. Our experts work together to improve and deliver homes to our customers. All of our homes for sale are fully inspected and up to City code prior to us listing them on the market.

     We partner with local realtors to ensure our renovations meet the needs of the current market. In addition to listing our homes on the traditional market, Wellco, LLC also offers private financing opportunities and contract-for-deed. 

Contract For Deed

    We understand that even great people have financial circumstances preventing them from receiving a traditional home loan. Wellco, LLC specializes in finding forever homes for these great people. Our Contract for Deed process is flexible and individualized to meet the needs of each of our customers. To learn more about what is available, please visit out properties page. 

The Process

     We encourage each buyer to first speak with lenders about obtaining a traditional mortgage. We invite each customer to speak with us about the different options that may be available. We can personally connect you to one of our many local contacts.

     If the buyer is not able to receive funding from a traditional lender, we can then discuss the Contract for Deed options available. To get started, complete the Contract for Deed Application.