A Fresh and Organized Start of the New Year

The last few weeks have been chaotic! With the holidays, family gatherings, and the start of a new year, getting organized can be overwhelming. While the start of a new year can be overwhelming, it is also the perfect time to get organized. Having an organized space has many benefits. For example, there you are more likely to feel happier and less stressed in an organized space. You will also spend less money by knowing what you have and where to find it!

We know getting organized seems like a daunting task. We have compiled a list of our favorite tips to help you get started:

  • Divide & Conquer: First things first, divide up the rooms. Try not to tackle more than one area at a time. Pick a room and stick with it until you are satisfied with the results. We suggest starting with the living room, kitchen or bedroom as they are the most lived in and trafficked areas within the home. 
  • Purge: Once you decide what area is going to be tackled first, bring out the tubs and trash bags. It is time to start deciding what stays and what goes. Purging through your belongings will reduce clutter by a landslide.
  • Assess: Now that you have identified what will stay and what will go, you need to assess your space. Do you think you may need more shelving? Find an accessible area to add floating shelves, a cube organizer, or a ladder shelf to use up vertical space. Everything should have a place to be stored. If toys are a massive clutter in your living spaces, investing in larger shelving system to store the floor toys will create added space for the room.
  • Implement: The final step is to implement your storage systems. Be thoughtful with your placement of items. Consider what you use the most and place these items towards the front and within reach. Remember to make it fun and aesthetically pleasing so you are motivated to stay organized!
  • Maintain: Committing to your organized space is the final step! Hold yourself (and your family members) accountable for maintaining your space. Clean up right away and don’t procrastinate! If you find that something isn’t working, take the time to get reorganized!

Have an organized space to share? Send us a photo of your organized space for a chance to win!