City Seeks Bids for Former DMDC Building

MOUNT VERNON — The City of Mount Vernon is now seeking sealed bids from anyone interested in purchasing the building at 805 Main St., which used to house the Downtown Mount Vernon Development Corporation (DMDC).

The property, which is zoned for business use, is 50 feet by 107 feet in size. The main structure served as the office location for the DMDC for over 10 years and the building also includes a garage at the back of the property.

“It’s got a great location, adjacent to the downtown area,” said Assistant City Manager Nathan McKenna of the site. “It does have some work that needs to be done to it.”


Since the property is currently zoned B-1 (Primary Business District), it cannot be used as residential with this zoning classification, states a Mount Vernon news release. Interested parties can contact the DMDC at (618) 242-6866 to arrange a time and day to tour the building.

“It’s zoned for business,” McKenna said. “Even though it is an old house, it can only be used currently for business-related purposes, due to the zoning restrictions.”

According to Sentinel archives, the DMDC moved out of the Main Street building in 2021 mainly because the size of the building was too large for the two-person staff that makes up the economic development agency. Also, officials said the old building was in need of renovations. The DMDC previously had an agreement with the city allowing them to use the Main Street site for its offices at no charge.


The DMDC moved into its new downtown building at 116 S. Ninth St. in July of 2021 and it has worked out well for the agency, said DMDC Executive Director Brian Harland.

“So the new building is not only beautiful but it fits our needs so much better than the old place did,” Harland said. “We love having a location on Ninth Street where the action happens. And the office space itself is a showcase of what downtown businesses could look like.”

To place a bid on the 805 Main St. property, you should submit a sealed bid to the Mount Vernon City Clerk’s Office at 1100 Main St. no later than 10 a.m. on Jan. 25. At that time, the bids will be opened and announced in the Council Chamber room located on the second floor at City Hall.

The bid should include your name, address, phone number and the amount you are bidding for the property. There is a minimum bid of $10,000 required for the property to be sold. The building had previously been appraised at around $67,000, Sentinel archives state.

Once bids are received, they will be presented to the Mount Vernon City Council for approval, McKenna said. The property will transfer to the awarded bidder by Quit Claim deed. The city retains the right to accept or reject any of the bids.

For more information on the bidding process, contact Nathan McKenna at (618) 242-6802.