Gearing Up for Winter

The coldest time of the year is approaching! No one is ready for it, but taking the appropriate precautions in advance will ensure your home can withstand the temperatures ahead. Below are some helpful hints to ensure your unit stays as warm as possible:

– Service Heaters: Now is the time to test your heating units! Be sure to open all vents and run your heat to ensure it is working properly. Don’t forget to inspect and clean/replace any filters. If your heat is not working properly, be sure to submit a maintenance request as soon as possible! Remember, HVAC issues often involve special laborers and/or ordering of parts. Wait times are typically longer during periods of extreme temperatures. 

⁃ Exterior Inspection: Check that your gutter system has been cleaned thoroughly to help with snow/ice drainage. If you notice any buildup, be sure to submit a maintenance request. Be sure to remove any leaves or debris which could freeze and cause a hazard. While you’re outside, be sure to bring in any items that may be affected by cold temperatures. Purchasing furniture covers will help protect from damage. Be sure to purchase some ice melt in advance to prevent injuries!

⁃ Prevent Damage: During nights when the temperature falls below freezing, be sure to run water at a steady drip. You could be found responsible for damages should it be determined that you were  negligent in protecting the unit. The small increase in expense is well worth it!

⁃ Stay Warm: Sometimes even with the heat running it can still feel cold! Inspect your unit and identify any areas where heat may escape. Purchasing draft stoppers for the windows and doors will ensure that as much heat as possible stays inside (thus, lowering your bill!). If you have a window A/C unit, you can remove it from the window as well, but be sure to clear this with your Landlord first! Be sure to turn on your heater before it gets cold as it will take a while to heat your unit. Finally, if you’re one of those people who are always cold, consider investing in a space heater. This is an economical option to provide additional heat! 

Be sure to check out our favorite winter products to help keep you as warm as possible during the cold weather ahead!