Tenant Help Desk:
Tips for Conquering the Laundry Room

Living the apartment life can be a walk in the park, one stumble of getting started is always the task of conquering the laundry facilities. Looming questions range from, how far is the walk from your apartment to the laundry room, to is there a secured location to put your soaps and dryer sheets, and how often are others occupying the washers and dryers. Oh, and do not forget about weather rain or snow can ruin the idea of accomplishing that treacherous laundry pile. But do not you fret, we have tips to ease your way into the perfect laundry schedule!       


Step one: Scope out the place. Spend a week or so evaluating the amount of people going in and out of the facility. Make sure to catch the times too! The best times are early in the morning as the sun rises and the other tenants are off to work, or late at night after everyone has fallen asleep. Take this opportunity to occupy all the vacant washers and dryers. You will have to chance to do more than one load at a time.     


Step number two: Where can you store your soaps and dryer sheets? Is there a locker space or locked cabinets? It is okay if they must be stored at home! With or without a secure location to store your soaps and sheets, it is in the best interest of your pocket and your sanity to get bulk items! They last so much longer, six months later you still have not bought anymore. For efficiency purposes, you can put the soaps into smaller containers to make travel from your apartment to the laundry room a whole lot easier. Dryers sheets can be stored in a baggie or a covered container to keep the scent at its freshest. Here is to save a dime or two on laundry and living expenses!                      

If you keep all these things in mind when planing your next trip to the laundry facility, it should make the adventure across the complex much simpler!