Wellco, LLC Promotes Personal and Professional Development


WELLCO President Ryan T. Wellmaker along with Business Partner Dr. Jackie Treschuk-Bahn announced that 2020 Mount Vernon Township High School Graduates and WELLCO employees, Emily Sinnett and Lauren Mathus have been awarded scholarships for the purpose of continuing education and develop business skills. Sinnett was awarded an approximately $10,000 scholarship that covers her second semester at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and Mathus received a $11,600 full-ride scholarship for Rend Lake College.  

“One thing that WELLCO really prides itself on is reinvesting back in its people,” Wellmaker said. “The more that you reinvest back into your people the more efficient the machine runs. We really pride ourselves that during this pandemic we have kept everybody on, we have actually added people during the pandemic, which is a blessing that we have been able to do that with all the proper precautions. One of the reasons we started a scholarship program is because we saw a need for developing and retaining talent within our community. We have highly intelligent employees and we wanted to award for their efforts and the work they do for the company.” 


Wellmaker said that Sinnett was involved in the Jefferson County CEO program and began working as a intern. She was later hired as the Social Media Manager after they recognized her skills in marketing. WELLCO Vice President Jessica Rodriguex said that Sinnett is currently working remotely while attending college. 

“She directly oversees all of our social media, she designed our new logo, she does all of our print media, anything pertaining to WELLCO that is advertising related, she covers, she is extremely talented,” Rodriguex said.  

Sinnett is currently studying at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She gave her reaction to the scholarship.  

“It has been interesting for sure, I have learned a lot,” Mathus said. 

Rodriguex said that another aspect of their education program is empowering women.  

“I think it is really important to develop strong women, especially strong young women and education opens that door. Empowering young women is important to me personally, and also to WELLCO. Education empowers young women by providing the opportunity to develop  critical thinking skills, improve verbal and written communication, and most importantly it boosts self-confidence,” Rodriguex said. “Emily and Lauren are incredibly talented and I hope they will stay with WELLCO for a long time.” Wellmaker said that they plan to continue the program and continue to encouraging employee education and career development.  

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“I was definitely surprised, they had talked to me a little before about helping out with tuition and covering it,” Sinnett said. “When someone tells you they are going to help you with a financial issue you never want to expect anything, so I wasn’t expecting a certain number or anything. So when they told me that they were going to be able to cover all of my spring tuition it was definitely a shock, but a positive one. I am really grateful that they would consider doing that for me.” Sinnett said that she went into college undecided and is currently taking exploratory classes, but is looking at a degree involving business.  

“I have talked to my advisor about majoring in marketing and interior design, so that is what I am leaning towards right now,” Sinnett said.  

Sinnett said that at first WELLCO was just an internship, but appreciates the environment the company has created. “At first it was just something I did after school for a couple of hours, I was never in the office for very long, but they were always really flexible about any school or CEO stuff I had,” Sinnett said. “I think I have learned to handle more while I work there.”  

Wellmaker said that WELLCO was also impressed by Mathus’s talent and she was instrumental in getting their website up and running. Mathus currently works as the Executive Liaison for WELLCO and is studying business at Rend Lake College.  

“Lauren is absolutely phenomenal, she is literally involved with everything we have going on and it would not run as smoothly as it does without her, Wellmaker said.  

Mathus gave her reaction to being awarded the scholarship.

I was really surprised by it and I am really grateful for the opportunity,” Mathus said. “I am not really sure what I want to focus on now, but I have been focusing on business.”  


Mathus said that she has learned a lot since beginning to work for WELLCO and has since learned about marketing, accounting, organizational skills, computer skills, creating and reviewing contracts, project management, CAD Designs and she is also a notary.  Mathus also assisted with coming up with WELLCO’s slogan “No matter if you’re in a big city, or a small town, you can always find your home with WELLCO”.