Wellco, LLC President Ryan Wellmaker Mentors 2021 CEO Students

The CEO Program provides high school students the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills. The goal of this program is to inspire and retain future business leaders.


Students are exposed to various facets of business organization and development. The final project involves developing and launching a product to be sold at a community trade show. 


For Hayden and Hunter, HardHeaded USA, LLC is more than a class project. In a short time the HardHeaded USA team has taken the steps to formalize their company. They have spent countless hours developing products to be released over the next year. 


HardHeaded USA, LLC is committed to providing quality athletic leisure wear. Their goal of bringing together Gym, Mind, and Body has truly been accomplished with their first launch.”


The HardHeaded USA Q1 Drop is now available for pre-order! 


Check out the link below to shop!


Shop: http://www.hardheadedusa.com

A word from our President, Ryan Todd Wellmaker:



“I am incredibly proud of these men and the products they are launching! Hayden and Hunter are phenomenal young entrepreneurs. Over the past few months they have met with me at least once per week, often more, as part of their participation in the Jefferson County CEO program.