Jessica Clark Receives Wellco, LLC's First Scholarship

Article Title: Jessica Clark receives Wellco Scholarship 

Publication: Mt. Vernon Sentinel 

Jessica Clark is the Wellco, LLC’s first scholarship recipient. 

The Kaskaskia College Student is pursuing an associate of fine arts degree in music education. 

“I study both instrumental (flute) and vocal (soprano) music and participate in instrumental and vocal ensembles, such as concert band and concert choir,” the Oakdale resident said. 

When pursuing possible applicants, Clark received accolades from her professor, Stacy Smith. 

Following graduation from KC in May Clark plans to continue her education at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale or Southeast Missouri State University. She hopes to obtain her bachelor of music education degree. 

Clark said she hopes to become a music teacher in public school system. 

“I wish to change children’s lives the same way music has changed mine. I look to music as a sign of relief and happiness. I want to be able to bring that to kids who may not have that in their lives already. I intend for those children to have a way to enjoy life a little more, have a reason to want to go to school, and have a productive outlet.” she said 

WELLCO SCHOLARSHIP WINNER – Jessica Clark is the first Wellco, LLC scholarship recipient. The Kaskaskia College student is pursuing an associate of fine arts degree in music education. She receives her scholarship from Ryan Wellmaker, president of Wellco, LLC.